Friday, 19 June 2009

How Does Anyone Lose A Deadly Disease?

OK, so they didn't actually lose the pathogens, they just lost track of them. To be precise, 9220 vials. Each containing a sample of a microbe that causes a disease, including ebola, anthrax and the plague. Someone lost track of a sample of the black death?

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North Northwester said...

Come on Richard - where's your sense of history and literature?
Somewhere out there is a number of diverse and as yet mutually-unknown individuals who the terrible plague will bring together to survive and to fight further horrors in the aftermath of the pandemic.
There'll be a feisty young woman who knows how to handle weapons, you can be sure, and a saintly black lady. There'll be a thoughtful and not at all overweight middle-aged man: possibly a Democrat.
Oh, and a heroic and very cool single mother making it in an even tougher world.
Any conservatives or former soldiers will be psychos - and maybe indeed the persons who let the plague loose - perhaps for Jesus, or perhaps for The Evil Corporations. Who can tell?
Oh, and an investigative journalist.

Richard Dale said...

I thought investigative journalists died out when they found they got as much money for rewriting press releases?

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