Friday, 5 June 2009


Politicians are not known for their honesty. Politicians are known to drift gently away from reality while they are in parliament, and especially while they are in government. However I have never heard supposedly rational people who expect to be trusted to run the country speaking so far at odds with reality. Yes I have been listening to the support for Gordon brown since James Purnell's resignsation.

They say that Gordon Brown is the best person to lead the country. They say that Brown remaining is good for the Labour Party. They say that Purnell has made the wrong decision.

So are they delusional? Are they dishonest? Are they so isolated they rationally believe what they are saying? Are they correct?

I can think of no other explanation, I can think of no argument to support the last and I can think of no reason why the Labour Party, let alone the country, would accept the first three options in govenment ministers. Therefore I think these people are only doing damage to the Labour Party.

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