Friday, 17 July 2009

Artist Understands UK Cultural Heritage?

Although I don’t think I would have made the choice to replace Sir Keith Park with this piece of art, at least it shows some sense of culture and history. Putting Nelson’s flagship in Trafalgar square at least has some dignity and relevance, unlike the current farce.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what the artist intended (does it say something about the art establishment that I assume I might be mistaken when I can say something positive about public art, or does it say something about me?) but I also read in the use of African designs in the sails a positive cultural link between Africa, black British people and Britain. I read that British people of African descent, even Africans today, have as much reason to be grateful to Vice-Admiral the Viscount Nelson’s victory over the forces of tyranny as those who were in England in 1805.

Tonight I drink again to the immortal memory.

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