Thursday, 2 July 2009


There has been a military coup in Honduras. You might be forgiven for having missed it, there has not been much in the UK newspapers. However there have been protests by tens of thousands of pro-democracy supporters.


You probably won’t have heard about that, either. The demonstration was in favour of the coup. There have also been much smaller demonstrations against the coup, and the UN and Barrack Obama have demanded that President Zelaya is reinstated. The EU countries have refused to recognise the new government (so tell me again why we should allow the EU to have a common foreign policy).


This was an unusual coup. Of course from this distance it is impossible to be certain, but it appears to be benign. The army was backing a decision by the Supreme Court that Zelaya’s must not attempt to run rather a suspect referendum, by which he was trying to bully the Congress into changing the constitution to allow him to remain in power. The interim government installed is led by a member of Zelaya’s party.

So it appears that various organisations and governments that have been rather equivocal about the stolen Iranian election (even the Iranian government admits that in many regions more votes were cast than there are registered voters) have come out in favour of Zelaya, who was breaking the law and the constitution. In this they are on the same side as Chavez and Castro, and one should always be cautious of agreeing with murderous communist despots. Surely some people should have learned that by now.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

Update: a lot more detail here, written from Honduras, with a lot of information about the Honduras constitution. Hat tip to Instapundit.

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