Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How Dare They?

This government is utterly without any sense of shame or propriety. How do they dare to use our money purely to further their own ends, against our interest?

Today in the Times Martin Sixsmith writes about his three-year quest to find out what actually happened when he, as a civil servant, was attacked and driven out by the lies and smears of the Labour Party trying to blame their own sins on Mr Sixsmith. Members of the government ignored the rules they themselves made, ignored the commission they had set up, harassed their own appointed chairman into breaking the procedures they had set up and considered criminal acts against laws they had made. They also spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money to try and avoid their misdeeds being detailed in public.

Labour are so arrogant and self-righteous that they probably fail to see how utterly wrong this is. Since 1997 the Labour Party has been utterly corrupting the whole apparatus of government in order to run and promote the Labour Party. They are like a Communist Party, thinking that the Party is the country, Party interests are national interests. They disgust me.

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Anonymous said...

The Labour Government does not recognise any any view different from its own, except where it may be possible to outlaw such a view.

I sincerely believe that there have been numerous unlawful activities engaged in by various members of the government, many of them known about and even encouraged by the PM of the day.

Justice would be served if, one day, our jails boasted a few ex-MPs as involuntary visitors.

Doubting Richard said...

I think you are right. I think they would be themselves surprised that they were being prosecuted, and even as the lock turned be absolutely convinced that what they did was justified because I think so many of them are incapable of separating their own interests from those of the country.

Fausty said...

Exactly right. It's as if the government creates rules to contain the efforts and punish the deeds of others, while from the outset, having no intention of adhering to the rules they create.

This is the mindset of a dictator, and it is rife in the Labour party. It's in their genes. It's the way they think. Perhaps if more of these commies had jobs outside of politics, they would get real. Or perhaps not; they are the something-for-nothings who have latched on to cadging a living off the taxpayer, by making the gullible believe they are "doing good".

Venal, mendacious scum.

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