Sunday, 12 July 2009

Iranian Without Doubts

On the odd occasion I see a story that makes me certain I chose the right name for this blog. Harry’s Place has one such story, connected with the ongoing protests in Iran. A classic tale, like the Greek comedy Lysistrata, of a woman using her charms to try to stop unnecessary violence. The reason it failed on this occasion is that the man appears unable to conceive of the idea that he might be wrong. He is so certain that Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are right that the opposition must have fooled his fiancée. It seems not to enter his head that he might be the fool.

Of course he is a member of the Basij, part morality police, part volunteer paramilitary thugs for the revolution, but all Islamist. It is that oldest of reasons not to doubt, that most insidious of institutions, religion. The Faithful, as if blind faith was something to boast about, rather than the last refuge of the determinedly ignorant. Faith allows no doubts.

OK, I see the irony that the woman in question is of a conservative religious family; their folly does not alter my point.

I am pleased about the ongoing protest and defiance of Khamenei in Iran (sorry for the lack of posts – little is coming through in the news, and I have had no novel insight). Anyone of a libertarian political view can but hope that some real change comes of them. People will die, but we must remember how many more died for our freedom, and how much some of us value that sacrifice.

Update: I am uncertain about posting this link. Persians in general are such great people, I don't want readers to hate them. The Islamic revolution has twisted so much there, that is the target of my ire. I am not certain it even shows Iran, I am trusting the unknown source, although the point I make here holds whoever these people are, and I am fairly sure they are trying to follow Islamic law, Shariah.

Warning, do NOT look at this link if you have any faith in human nature, any respect for Islam or are at all sqeamish. It is truly horrible. Believers dispense justice in Iran to an eight-year-old thief. This would be impossible for any group of people with the capacity to doubt their own rectitude. Please doubt yourself.

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