Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Target for Ridicule

Does anyone know an email address for Asif Zardari, President of Pakistan?

I think that bloggers outside Pakistan should be encouraged to email ribald remarks about the President and his ministers. It appears from news reports that he has banned anyone within Pakistan from ‘slander[ing] the political leadership’, on pain of up to 14 years imprisonment. This is in order to stem the tide of jokes to the President’s email. So it falls to the rest of us, living comfortably outside the writ of a Pakistani warrant, to fulfil the vital political purposes of satire.

The article repeats some of the jokes (thus giving them a rather wider audience than they would otherwise have had) and there are a couple of good ones there. Mmmmmmm, that gives me an idea. The email address given by the Guardian (via theyworkforyou.com) for Gordon Brown is birdc@parliament.uk. Anyone see where I am going?

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Shibby said...

hey gordo u cmin oot the nite?/??///??/?

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