Thursday, 9 July 2009

To Its Logical Conclusion

or the Law of Unintended Consequences

What is the consequence of anti-racist politics? If correctly directed then it is of course that racism dies a slow, sometimes painful death. Most people would like it to die quickly, even immediately, but that is not realistic. The consequences of incorrectly-directed anti-racist politics, race-industry politics, taken to its logical conclusion, appears to be an increase in racism.

The sacking of 200 workers due to their race cannot be called anything but racism. Whether they are black or white this is wrong. The fact that it appears that their replacements are not even competent simply compounds the offence. The further consequence is that many white people will be driven to think less well of blacks because of this. Non-racists see racism in a black political leader; mildly racist whites see injustice caused by blacks, and see more reason to be racist. Deeply-racist whites see their beliefs confirmed. So the result of anti-white racism is an increase in anti-black racism and so a greater divide.

I had a black colleague who told of his incredulity when discussing racism with a black friend. The friend insisted that a black person could not be racist; my colleague even brought another friend whose opinions he respected into the conversation, and was astounded when this friend also believed that only whites could be racist. This is itself racism of course, but it more importantly it is a huge block to resolving racism. Until a problem can be identified, it cannot be addressed. This is again a consequence of the race industry, one of its techniques to hide its racist nature as well as a way of perpetuating racism.

These problems are simply the logical conclusion of the race industry. The result of “affirmative action” and of sensitivity to discussing race. It is the result of dominance of identity in politics. The logical conclusion of a system where someone can profit from racism (and there is no doubt that people profit from racism, Al Sharpton being the obvious example) is that they will encourage racism. As any economist will tell you, incentives will eventually be followed.

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