Monday, 6 July 2009

The UN is a Disgrace

as is Barack Obama.

When he was President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya’s actions contrary to the Honduras Constitution triggered a clause in that Constitution that automatically meant he was no longer President. The action involved an attempt to break into an army facility that held ballot papers for an unconstitutional referendum.

Zelaya knew the results of his actions, and the Supreme Court heard the case, ruling against Zelaya. The Constitution allows the army to be used to remove the President in such cases, and the Supreme Court requested that it do so.

Yet Ban-ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN is asking for a regional body to find a ‘solution’ to what is a genuinely internal issue.

A regional body is the last thing any sane man who accepted, let alone supported, democracy would suggest. The region is dominated by flamboyant, self-serving, authoritarian so-called socialists, who support Zelaya. To reseat Zelaya would be against the Honduras Constitution, and considering the support for his removal would probably cause civil war.

Barrack Obama is quoted in the same article saying it is “ … an extremely difficult … situation”. No it is not. It is simple, Zelaya is no longer President of Honduras. The US must recognise the interim government. The Speaker of Congress, Roberto Micheletti, is now President, because the post of Vice President was vacant; much the same would happen in the USA under the circumstances. Mr Micheletti is of the same party as Zelaya, so it is not an especially controvercial position.

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North Northwester said...

Constitutions, rules, strict interpretations of so-called 'laws' - all for the little people, the obsessives, the madmen and extremists, and uptight squares.

They aren't for the big picture people who have and humanity's interests at heart. Where would humanity be if its natural leaders weren't prepared to break the rules every once in a while?

That would mean anarchy: or worse.

Richard Dale said...

Yes. Who would have thought Obama was a lecturer in constitutional law, eh? Yet he can ignore the US and other nations' constitutions at will.

Faust said...

Democracy is overrated - and supported by power mongers because they can distort it for their own aims.

A party can win power via the FPTP system with a poxy 20% of the vote. That is what we call a majority, and that 20% is all it takes to remove from the majority its rights and properties.

The rght to freedom and property should be inalienable and not subject to the whim of others.

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