Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Damn, I Spoke Too Soon

Just when I thought that Pelosi and Hoyer had come up with irony that was not going to be topped, American Socialists prove how hard it is to find the bottom of the depths they will plumb.

It appears that Kenneth Gladney has no health insurance [see update – it appears he is insured]. Think Progress makes a great issue of this. They claim this “…underscores the vital need for health care [sic] reform”. If he had not been beaten up by thugs supporting healthcare reform he would not need healthcare!

They make their inane comment just after quoting Mr Gladney as saying “I was attacked for something I believe in”. Notice the tense, he is saying that he still believes in opposing the healthcare measures despite his current need for care.

It appears that Moderate Voice (in close competition with Think Progress for the “Most Inappropriate Name for a Website prize” as well as the reopened Least Subtle Irony one) thinks “If anything was more calculated to make the Right look foolish than this St. Louis incident then [they]’d love to see it”. Actually if anything were more calculated to make the Right look honest, to show their integrity, than a man who carries on protesting against healthcare reform that might help his newfound situation I’d like to see it.

Damn. There was I thinking that the Left valued integrity. That just makes me look foolish.

Update: this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Instapundit (which I forgot to hat tip for the original link) points out the update I missed at the bottom of Think Progress’s article. It appears that Mr Gladney does have health insurance. So why not make a really obvious correction to the article, Think Progress?


As a technical aside, leaving aside the snide and sarcastic persona, the point the Left has missed here is that the problem is not that healthcare does not need reform, but that this reform is wrong. I can’t find the reference to hat tip, but a very good suggestion I read was that the first thing to try is a simple, two-stage process. Radical tort reform, to reduce doctors’ massive over caution in the face of possible law suits, followed by the disengaging of the link between employment and health insurance.

The left of course completely ignore the possibility of any healthcare reform other than their own, and pretend the only choice is between the current flawed model and ObamaCare (although they don’t actually know what that is, because only the right-wing protesters have actually read it).

OK, so I didn’t entirely leave the snide persona aside. Sue me.

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