Monday, 10 August 2009

Furious. Livid. Disgusted.

The labour government and the apparatus of power that they have corrupted to filth beyond recognition of twelve years ago are utterly, totally without redeeming features. I quite literally cannot express my revulsion at what has come out from a court case, and a simple accusation speaks for itself, so this will be brief.

A dead soldier’s mother had talked to the media about the lack of protection for her late son from a snatch Landrover. The MoD sent someone to see her, she thought to comfort and assist her. That representative, and MoD press officer is now suing the MoD for being put in the position he was. He was not sent to comfort; his instruction was to “shut that woman up”.

I am ex-mil. I was Navy, but worked with the Army and my brother is ex-Army. I am not sure that matters though. I suspect that all those of you who have eyes open to the real world will feel as I do.

Mrs Smith, I feel deeply for you, for the loss of your son. I hope you feel he died as the soldiers I knew lived, doing the job they loved and feeling as they did that they were doing good. The British squadies I knew were good men, if rough, and you should be proud of him. My best wishes to you.

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