Saturday, 29 August 2009

A More Courageous Approach To Race

This is a truly funny story about how one man beat the Ku Klux Klan, a brave man who refused to respond to racism against him with racism, anger or even distaste. He responded with compassion and levity. The story is told by the Klan leader he defeated Johnny Lee Clary. Mr Clary comes across very well too, as a man having reformed himself and found great humour.

You have to hear the chicken story.

I really wish I could have met Revd Watts. I think some people could learn a lot from his example, and the world would benefit.

Found at BoingBoing.

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Shibby said...

How a man can change from the lowest of the low - conforming and excelling in social norm - to an inspirational intellect gives some hope for humanity.

Katabasis said...

That was amazing to hear.

Anonymous said...

Great - there is some hope for us all - a brave man talks about an ever braver one - surely this has to be the way forward.

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