Monday, 10 August 2009

So what will Hazel Blears Do?

Hazel Blears has had her car smashed up in her constituency, suffering the crime that the rest of us all suffer. Will she make a claim on her insurance, like the rest of us, and accept the increased premiums? Will she claim that she was on constituency business, or that it was her government role that left her vulnerable, and get us to pay? Will she point out she was campaigning, and get Labour to pay?

OK, so I have no evidence to suggest either of the last two options, but I have become cynical. Not due to the expense row (although that has not helped) but due to things like Blunkett having us pay for his lover’s train ticket and Gorbals Mick (Labour to the core, despite his role) charging us to defend his ‘good name’. The Labour government treat the treasury as a personal dipping pot.

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