Friday, 7 August 2009

What Does That Have To Do With Obama?

I don’t really watch Newsnight. I am a natural blog reader, in that if I have something to add, in support of or opposition to the writer’s viewpoint, I want to say it. Watching Newsnight I always have something to add. I will leave you to guess which side I tend to take.

However I have just caught the headlines, one of which ran “As England collapse we talk to Obama’s favourite author about how cricket can change lives in New York”.

From the headline it is obviously a positive story (it is so clear I am not willing to watch that garbage, even in a spirit of scepticism). The BBC are connecting this positive headline with Barack Obama … why? Apart from the BBC’s natural, unbiased desire to connect positive stories with Obama that is; it has no real connection at all.

Update: natural scepticism and lack of anything worth watching on TV and I ended up watching the article. Of course I was right. Not only does this have nothing whatever to do with Obama, but he gets many more mentions, all positive to the point of fawning.

Anyone have a bucket?

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Fausty said...

Could it be acclimatisation to globalism? The Borg Collective?

Obama's socialised medicine seems to be a rung on that ladder.

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