Wednesday, 16 September 2009

ACORN Responds (updated)

The co-founder of ACORN Wade Rathke, has responded, to the recent videos of employees offering to help set up child sex slavery, claiming that this is a “…fake issue”. No it is not, Mr Rathke. Giving help to break the law is a real issue. Giving help to break the law in order to help run a political campaign is an issue in a non-partisan organisation. They are issues, real ones.

Systematically helping someone to claim child sex slaves as dependents in order to cheat taxes and help a politician pay for his campaign is a huge fucking deal, it is an explosive, shocking issue that should destroy ACORN if there is any justice.

The fact that Mr Rathke can say this is a “fake issue” (note he was talking about these videos, not any other issue, as he is linking it directly with the decision to remove any ACORN involvement in the census which happened in direct response to the Baltimore video) shows just how degraded is his sense of morality. If that is the origin of ACORN that explains a lot.

The official response from ACORN just can’t be taken seriously. Not only are they trying to say that their representative was joking, but they don’t even address the fact that three or more other offices offered to help break the law (although admittedly in those cases not to kill people). Their original excuse, that it had been tried in other offices and the ACORN employees had acted properly and even called the police (no evidence provided) has been removed from their website, which does nothing for their credibility. Especially as one of those offices was supposed to be in New York, and employees did fall for it in Brooklyn.

Update: it appears that the couple was turned away from the ACORN office in Philidelphia. So paid love is not so welcome in the city of brotherly love. That is not a great deal for ACORN to brag about, all things considered. Not sure that’s one for the brochure, “13. We don’t help child brothels to avoid taxes in Phili”.

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Katabasis said...

Thanks for staying on top of this Richard!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

The question is just screaming to be posed: How many ACORN locations did these "investigators (Inquisitors?) have to infiltrate before they were able to implicate three corrupt officials?

Has anyone bothered to ask that question?

I smell a rat. Better still, I smell a FOX.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Doubting Richard said...

I am not really sure what you are saying here Tom. Is it OK to offer to help tax avoidance for someone running child sex slaves as long as the left-wing media don't catch you offering to do so? What relevance has Fox, when Breitbart was leading this? Even if Fox had something to do with it, how is that any better?

Are you really saying that it's OK for four or more ACORN offices to offer advice on mortgage and tax fraud if a few others didn't?

What evidence do you have that there were any others? We only have ACORN's own claims, yet they don't ring true. If as they say one called the police, why have they not presented evidence? Why did none of the others report this? If it was happening so much, why did ACORN not know before and investigate, start publicising this?

Sorry, but with no apparent reason for your suspicions, and no apparent relevance even if it did happen, I cannot really see your point. Are you really defending an organisation giving advice as to how to break the law to someone who claims to be importing coerced under-age prostitutes?

Oh, and if you use the "a href" tag you can get live links here.

Katabasis said...

Tom seems to be spamming places that are mentioning Acorn.

Doubting Richard said...

Yes, one of which is centred around the same Daily Show piece I just posted, so Tom is quite aware that Jon Stewart has said pretty much exactly the same as I have.

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