Tuesday, 22 September 2009

All Hopes Are On Ireland

for the freedom of Europe. Nigel Farage had a very impressive debate against Irish politician Dick Roche and Mr Begg, an Irish Trades Unionist. UKIP is too much of a single-issue party for my tastes, but I always thought that Farage was a wonderful speaker. Watching videos of him speaking to the European parliament back-to-back with Daniel Hannan’s is quite fun. Hard to say who is better – Hannan comes across slightly better-educated, but Farage is slightly more relaxed.

In the debate watch especially when he catches out an audience member who questions him on honesty, without admitting that she is in the employ of the EU for propaganda in university.

Watch highlights of Nigel Farage’s performance at Dazed and Confused or the whole hour-and-a-half at Reuters.

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