Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More Trouble In Honduras

It appears that Zelaya has managed to make his way back to Honduras. Despite claims that he is there to start peaceful dialogue, so far his actions look calculated to cause violence and upset stability.

The Organisation of American States is not helping, neither is Chavez. Obama has not said anything yet this time, but his past lies are not helping the country, which is due to hold fresh elections in less than two months anyway in which Zelaya is not permitted by the constitution to stand as President, having already served (most of) a term.

La Gringa is updating her blog frequently, thanks Glen for providing that link.

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lisa said...

The United States(where i am) has cut off aid to Honduras. It is unfortunate that Obama although not having said much shows his feeling about the situation through his actions.

Doubting Richard said...

Yes, I think he has been most dishonest and partisan in his relations with Honduras.

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