Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So This Is Reset

Of course we are starting to see the great results of the promised break with Bush's foreign policy. It appears that break consists of playing up to dictators by allowing open diplomatic contact and allowing their representative to visit, while revoking the visas of representatives of the constitutional government of a democratic state.

We have seen Obama give in to Russia’s absolutely illegitimate desire to retain influence over her near neighbours and so offend most of central Europe. we have seen closer ties sought with dictatorial regimes in central America – especially Cuba and Venezuela. Obama managed to personally offend the leader of America’s most reliable ally, and while that leader is an arse he is our arse, it is up to us to offend him. He is also peddling a soft line on Iran, following the Jimmy Carter school of diplomacy that worked so well there before.

Before Obama’s election his opponents pointed out his lack of experience, especially in international affairs. His supporters responded, bizarrely, that his opponent’s prospective Vice President was inexperienced (despite having more executive experience than Obama himself). We can now see who was right.

If it can’t have Obama’s support, Honduras needs all the support we can give.


Hat tipped to Hot Air.

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lisa said...

I do believe Obama admires the way dictators control the masses and he may have plans for something bigger.
Call it conspiracy but I call it intuition.
You know that saying "Stupid American"?
They sure lived up to that last election.
I will revisit that blog you linked to try and help support Honduras.

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