Thursday, 17 September 2009

Trouble Smuggling Underage Prostitutes?

An age-old problem we have all faced at some time or another

ACORN can help you there too. Yes, it’s another ACORN video from the professional US media a journalism student and a guy she met on Facebook.

This time the ACORN employee is a lawyer, and since he was educated in Mexico James O’Keefe wonders if he can help with getting his illegal immigrant child prostitutes across the border. What do you think?

Giles and O’Keefe have used an interesting tactic against the socialists who they knew would leap to the support of ACORN. They only released a single video at first, and at that time did not really give any clue that there were more. This then looks like something ACORN can contain, and they do. However this commits them to a line of defence and also to the fact that something is seriously wrong in the office in question.

A couple more videos, and ACORN has a problem but one they think they can handle, so they come out with stronger defences, further committing themselves to a strategy. There is a hint that more videos will come out, leaving ACORN unsure but also committed by their previous response to actually firm up their defence.

Then the east-coast videos start coming out, saying slightly different things and the defence is suddenly all over the place, with wild, utterly unconvincing stories.

It is a tactic I have occasionally tried to use against socialists, but not often successfully. Socialism is an incoherent, self-contradictory philosophy. With that to draw on the left so often shade their views depending on what they are responding to (hence they often come out as hypocrites, e.g. Islam, gay rights and women’s rights)that to argue successfully you need to make them commit early on, before your own argument is out.

Miss Giles, Mr O’Keefe, my hat is off to you. Well done sir, miss.

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