Friday, 9 October 2009

Debasing the Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has, for a long time, been a broadly debased award. It has been given to so many unashamed terrorists that it no longer had any real credibility except with the trendy left, who forgive terrorists as long as they call themselves left-wing. Of course those same lefties, seeing a group with the same politics who use less violence but who happen to be white Englishmen, Israelis or Americans call them despicable right-wing extremists. Such is the inconsistency of the left.

Anyway, another shock as again left-wing appeasement manages to plumb depths I did not think possible. Arafat, Adams and even Mandela (great politician though he became) might have committed terrible acts that should really have prevented them from receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, but at least before they received the prize they had done something that helped to encourage peace. In two of those cases it was to bring about an end to violence they themselves caused, and in one he caused further violence afterwards, but at least there was a reason for the award.



What on Earth has Obama done in foreign policy that is positive? What has he done to aid the cause of peace? He almost helped cause a civil war in Honduras for Christ’s sake (and still might do). He has appeased a terrible warmonger who has committed many acts of war against the USA and is now trying to build nuclear weapons. So I can see acts of his that have made war more likely, but nothing that makes it less likely.

Words truly fail me. As always, when you think the left has been utterly stupid, they manage just that little bit more.

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