Thursday, 15 October 2009

The ‘Far-Right’ and the Left

The media always term the BNP and other neo-Nazi or neo-fascist organisations ‘far-right’. This is despite the fact that they are always socialist, of course the term Nazi explicitly includes socialism. Despite the fact that they appeal to disaffected Labour voters in the UK, hence the BNP success in areas where Labour once held sway.

So I am far less surprised than Lucy Lips at Harry's Place that left-wing Labour MP Clare Short and Liberal Democrat peer Jenny Tonge shared an anti-Israeli platform with neo-fascist MEP Kristina Morvai of the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, as well as the usual supporters of terrorist Hamas.

So where are the cries of horror in the news? where are the commentators decrying a sitting British MP making common cause with Jobbik, a Hungarian Party that discussed alliance with the BNP?

Although I have some doubt that Jobbik are as extremist as Harry’s Place make out – the evidence that they are anti-Semitic (apart from the anti-Israeli stance common to many left-wing British organisations, placing the only Jewish state as a unique villain for no apparent reason) is very weak. They do however seem to be anti-Roma to rather a strong degree, as well as nationalist. Most telling their MEPs discussed making common cause with the BNP and the French Front National in the European Parliament (they did not join Euronat, the party the BNP and FN MEPs belong to) and Nick Griffin, the BNP MEP spoke at a Jobbik rally.

So Jobbik is not a respectable party. It is far less respectable than the parties in Latvia and Poland that our esteemed Foreign Secretary managed to offend when criticising Conservative alliance with them in the European Parliament. Yet a Labour MP, former cabinet member can openly associate with one of their MEPs, and make common cause without any comment being made.

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