Sunday, 19 July 2009

Honduras Referendum Results

It has been reported in a Catalan newspaper (link is to an English-language blog post with a translation) that a computer seized in the Presidential Palace in Honduras contains the result of the referendum to change the constitution. The referendum was to allow the President to serve more than one term, which is banned by the current constitution. The results in the computer file was in favour of the change.

Of course the referendum was never held, so if this is true then Zelaya’s corruption goes deeper than previously reported, and will be better understood by those unaware of the Honduras Constitution.

The English-speaking media are behind on this. The Independent has even been spouting pro-Zelaya, pro-Chavez lies in the last couple of hours. The piece gets a unanimous pounding in the comments.

Hat tip Instapundit for the article and Maria in Honduras writing in comments in the Indie article for the video.

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