Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Selfish Left

It is forty years ago today that a young woman died for the rash actions of a young, left-wing Senator in the USA. It is quite possible that she could have survived but for his career ambitions. At best he drove recklessly, probably drunk, and then reported the accident to his political advisors many hours before he reported it to the police and lied about almost every detail of events. At worst his deliberate delay killed her; had he reported to the police they might have saved the young woman. There is a possibility that she survived for a time in an air pocket in the largely-intact but overturned, inundated car.

That Senator is, of course, Ted Kennedy. He is still in the Senate. If anyone ever tries to tell you that the right is selfish and the left altruistic then remember Chappaquiddick.

Small Dead Animals reminded me of this anniversary.

Update: More at Power Line.

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North Northwester said...

This drunken beast, in addition to lending support and encouragement to the IRA as it murdered its way to power, was involved in the Senate inquiry into waterboarding [ making terrorist suspects beleive they are drowning for up to a minute.]


Mind you, the electorate of Massachusetts must be pretty damned forgiving, too.

Doubting Richard said...

Naïve academics. Massachusetts has several excellent universities, including of course MIT and Harvard.

Having known a fair few academics at great universities it still amazes me how politically unaware they are. Part of it is a complete inability to understand non-academics, but part is simply a childlike simplistic view of the world. Maybe they also seem to trust information sources outside their narrow field, as that is how they gather important ancillary information, and we know how unreliable and incomplete a lot of news sources are.

Perhaps it is not surprising considering the narrow focus a lot of them have in their work, but I don't pretend to understand why really.

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