Monday, 17 August 2009

Featured Blog #2

Some months ago I followed a link to Generation Y, a Cuban blog written by Yoani Sànchez. The name comes from a generation born in the 1970s and 1980s, parallel with my generation, many of whom were given names beginning with a ‘Y’.

Generation Y is a subversive blog critical of the Cuban Government, although the feel is not violent or extreme, and the language rather moderate (as well as articulate and well-constructed in the English translation), the tone of the blog far more restrained about far worse government than I would with our own. Perhaps that is one of the reasons, alongside the blog’s wide readership and reputation abroad, that Miss Sànchez is still free to write the blog, although she has at times had difficulties.

The blog is interesting for its tales of ordinary life, philosophical ponderings on the nature of Fidel Castro’s thoughts, and most of all discussions of the restrictions and annoyances of life in Cuba. We can learn of the benefits of socialism for workers, the freedoms allowed by socialism and the caring social workers.

This is a great blog that I certainly recommend to anyone who loves freedom.


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