Sunday, 16 August 2009

Independent Prattle

It is the silly season, and the Independent on Sunday is taking the opportunity to dig well into the Conservatives. Of course the story is quite without news value, as Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home explains. After all what possible relevance does the value of accrued wealth of those benefactors have? It is hardly as if a member working in an Essex car plant is going to donate a flight to Mr Cameron.

The most ironic comment in the article in the article is that this destroys Mr Cameron’s environmental claims. The Independent’s view that ‘global warming’ (or ‘climate change’ since there have been no sunspots for 36 days, so obviously CO2 no longer traps heat as we contemplate lighting the fire in August) is the most important environmental issue. Perhaps they might have bothered to investigate a little further. Maybe looked at the website of the company run by the Henry Lawson who gave Mr Cameron more flights than any other donor. It is Henfield Lodge Aviation, a ‘carbon-neutral’ aviation company.

I actually saw Cameron being walked out to one of the flights marked on the Indie’s silly little map. He waved at me. He was walking to a Beech 200 Kingair. This is a small turboprop, a very modest aircraft. I knew where he was going (any other transport would have been impractical), and as an aviation professional I can say not only that it was exactly the right aircraft for the job but also that most customers would have demanded a jet.

Oh, and fire your subeditors, Independent on Sunday. “Where David Cameron Has Been Flown For Free” is not only a horribly-written headline that sounds childish, it is grammatically incorrect.

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