Friday, 28 August 2009

How Sick Can They Get?

I am not sure how to put this, as it is … stunningly crass. Ace of Spades is reporting an NRO post that a writer at the left-wing Huffington Post has said of Senator Ted Kennedy’s career that Mary Jo Kopechne would “… [maybe] feel it was worth it”.

There goes the left again; I said Senator Kennedy had plumbed the depths and continued on for fathoms, then less than four hours later those left manage to go even further than their mentor. Even I, who have few illusions about socialists often being unpleasant and self-righteous people, am truly stunned by this.

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Barking Spider said...

I fail to see how they can try to absolve him with this truly sickening statement so typical of the obnoxious drivel the Left continually utter. I still think he should have gone to prison for a very long time - until about now, actually!

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