Friday, 28 August 2009

Ted Kennedy’s Sick Sense of Humour

I really cannot believe this. Not sure how to express my stunned astonishment. I first saw this on Small Dead Animals, which linked to Jules Crittenden, but I really had to listen for myself as I could not believe what he was saying. I really thought that Jules Crittenden was having a dig at Kennedy, that nobody would be so crass, but even when you think Democrats have plumbed the depths, they go a few more fathoms.

On radio station WAMU, American University Radio, Katty Kay interviewed various people about the Senator, including Edward Klein. All are fans of Kennedy and Klein edited the left-wing New York Times and was foreign editor of the equally biased Newsweek. You can listen on Real Audio or WMA, but it gets tiresome quickly.

If nothing else then download it and skip to the 30:24 point. Apparently Ted Kennedy liked Chappaquiddick jokes; he liked to tell them, and would ask people if they had new jokes. Jokes about the young woman who had died because of him, and who he had abandoned to her death in order to save his own career.

Not only did Klein think it was an appropriate story to tell in a pro-Kennedy interview, but he thinks it is “…just the most amazing thing”. Not only that but the other Kennedy groupies don’t say anything, it appears that none of them see anything wrong in that picture of Kennedy.

I’ve heard and told plenty of sick jokes; in any business where death is a constant concern it happens. I have never imagined any rational man could delight in jokes about the death he caused of an innocent person, let alone a death that occured in such disgraceful circumstances.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

Why should Kennedy care? After the death of Jack & Bobby he knew his reputation would be saved at any cost - in effect he had carte blanche and knew someone was always following behind him with a shovel and a bucket.

Catosays said...

I hate to swear on any blog but the man was a cunt.
Sadly, his death wasn't too painful!

Doubting Richard said...

Cato, the swearing rule on my blog is that it is not to be used unless necessary and appropriate. Your comment stands with my full blessing.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad the scum is gone. now if only all the other liberal would go to hell and into the sewer..

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