Monday, 24 August 2009

If They Were Not In Charge You’d Laugh

If I was Gordon Brown then I would be pretty annoyed with whoever made the Freedom of Information request (update: George Ffoulkes apparently – thanks Goodnight Vienna) about General Dannatt. Sorry, no, I would be steaming. Brown is not known for his cool, even temper. If he had anyone competent to raise from the back benches, he might be tempted to sack Kevan Jones and the unnamed, foul-mouthed minister.

So what has come out of it is a restrained senior officer (popular with his men), spiteful MPs trying to attack that officer and a nice reminder of Labour’s excessive expense claims, with no mention of any other party’s. That is such a bad result, and considering the military have far more sympathy than MPs the best gain that could have been made was tiny. You have to worry about the intelligence of those MPs involved, let alone their judgement, risking so much for so little potential gain.

How has the Labour party allowed such complete idiots, playing student politics, to gain seats, let alone gain office?

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Old Holborn said...

646 of them, 60 million of us

Never forget it. They have

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it depends on what they have to gain?

Were you, as MP, offered a directorship in a major corporation, for tantalising financial gain, would you worry about the electorate?

I don't believe Labour is composed of "complete idiots". Nor that the waste they have lain to Britain is due to incompetence.

As OH says, weild your power.

Goodnight Vienna said...

George Ffoulkes (is he a double-effer?) put in that particular FoI request - thick as 2 short planks.

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