Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Most Important Video

This might be the most important video you ever watch.

Rather the historical detail it gives on Critical Theory, with the perspective that shows on the links between ‘liberal’ socialism, communism and political correctness, could be the most important fact to spread. Certainly those of you concerned about the ‘New World Order’, the EU and bias in the news media will learn about your fears.

The most important thing I took from it is that these things are not vast conspiracies with tentacles in all walks of life. They are emergent patterns, coming from socialist dogma of Critical Theory just as an efficient, structured economy emerges from the free market or organisms emerge from evolution. Structures that look a lot like a conspiracy, behave a lot like that and could have the same end results. However the apparent tentacles are not willing, aware parts of some plot, they are ordinary people with incorrect or more often incomplete information – the narrative mentioned in the video.

That is the reason that no conspiracy has become obvious (I wrote before about the reasons most conspiracy theories don't add up). However it is also the great weakness of Critical Theory, and if it remains free the internet is likely to kill it. Knowledge is key to stopping its spread.

Since this is mentioned on Instapundit and is a PJTV video it will have a wide audience.

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Shibby said...

Extremely interesting.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Yes, it's good and brings together the thoughts and rants of many bloggers. I might pinch it!

Doubting Richard said...

I will be glad if this gets wider distribution, GV!

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