Thursday, 27 August 2009

Most Succinct Answer to Ted’s Sycophants

From Ace of Spades via Small Dead Animals, regarding Senator Edward Kennedy:

“If they’re going to talk about Camelot, then we get to talk about The Lady in the Lake.”

Update: too many people even on the Right fell for Ted Kennedy’s charm, his name and his power, so I was not looking forward to the eulogies. Most were as bad as I expected, David Blackburn's in the Spectator Coffeehouse not much better. However it seems that far more people than I expected saw through him. Read the comments under that one; the phrase ‘as popular as a pork pie at a bar mitzvah’ springs to mind.

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Barking Spider said...

I am not at all sorry he is dead. He deserved worse than he got. Such an easy way out for such a swine. If only there actually was hellfire for him to burn in.........

Doubting Richard said...

I quite agree. I have written elsewhere "Ted Kennedy, RIH", for 'Rot In Hell', but as a committed atheist I feel a bit of a fraud for it.

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