Monday, 10 August 2009

Now That is Satire

So many times have we been told that an artist is using satire, to criticise the right, to attack Christianity or to condemn a decision to fight? How often is that satire just a bit, well, lame? It is either to obvious and literal or from a mind that is so wrapped up in left-wing ideology it only makes sense from that perspective?

However I do agree with Reason Online that satire is a healthy form of dissent, that we should expect to see in a healthy democracy. I also agree that it has been sadly lacking where Obama is concerned, at least from the ‘professional’ satirists, and that there is undue pressure from the left against even the poorest satire that is made.

It is nice to see that the amateurs on the right not only try, but can really make you laugh in the way no depiction of Bush as Hitler ever will. Thanks, Fausty, for bringing this canine Tea Party protester to our attention.

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Shibby said...

That's very funny, although I have a nagging suspicion she used horrid-tasting "treats" when she said obama to train the dog.

Doubting Richard said...

Yeah, but the training worked. She uses carrots in this video, and it does take them as soon as she mentions taking it from "Mom" or "Dad". I love it!

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