Monday, 10 August 2009

Murderous Mandelson?

Not a Sheep mentions a quote from Peter Mandelson in today's Telegraph saying

"...I've learned from experience that you can defeat people without killing them."

Not a Sheep calls this “…an interesting turn of phrase”. Indeed. Does anyone else read it and suddenly realise that there is no mental barrier at all to an assumption that Mandelson has also experienced the other way of defeating people?

A great comment was posted on my favourite forum.

"Maniac running a country by hand held remote control device from Mediterranean hideaway of one of world's richest men. Anyone else worried? Look out for long haired white pussy (fortunately unlikely in the case of this particular maniac)."

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Barking Spider said...

If he didn't do it himself, I'm sure he either knows or paid a man who did.

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