Sunday, 20 September 2009

Iranians Still Protesting

I am sorry that i have not blogged the Iranian Protests recently, but I have seen little except the brief mentions in the national press. The recent Al-Quds day anti-Israel marches were seen by Ahmadinijad’s regime as a time the opposition might use to protest. That does seem to have been the case, although you might have missed it in the news media.

I cannot confirm that this video is from that protest, although I think it is and the date is correct for that.

It also seems that on al-Quds day some Iranians think that It was less important to protest against Israel than another rather more powerful country. I have to say that they seem to have far more sense than the whole political leadership of the UK, USA, EU and the UN.


Posters made to honour the disputed Iranian government were carried, although not necessarily with the respect that was intended by the distributor.


Big hat tip to Gateway Pundit, on whose post I have based this entire story. Thanks!

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