Sunday, 20 September 2009

ACORN Roundup (updated)

There are rumours that suggest there will be more Giles/O’Keefe videos from more ACORN offices. I will keep a look out and post anything new that comes up, especially if it gives any more insight into ACORN’s increasingly dubious claim that the pair was turned away from '”dozens” of ACORN offices.

For anyone who has been interested in the dirty dealings at ACORN, the Washington Examiner has a roundup of stories going back to February.

It shows that ACORN is about so much more than helping people to set up their child prostitute slavery empire and avoid paying taxes. It’s about not paying its own taxes, exploiting employees, failing to file accounts, demanding those sub-prime mortgages that got us in this mess (demanding them now, that is; of course they demanded them during the boom years and helped trigger the whole issue). Hey, to get the full impression you’ll have to look at the link.

Phil Kerpen is rather dubious that ACORN’s culpability in the sub-prime loan catastrophe will be exposed by the commission investigating why the recent economic problems came about.

Big Government, who launched their site by breaking the recent ACORN scandals, has a good ponder about the whys and the wherefores. Of course it all connects with political correctness, and the distortion of values inherent in politically-acceptable (but in fact utterly contemptible) attitudes to poor people of minority ethnic identity.


The most interesting thing about this satire? The wall belongs to Shepard Fairey, who designed Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster, and didn’t charge for it (in the process probably breaking election funding law, but by the time anyone noticed Obama was in charge). Someone is clearly connecting Obama’s campaign and ACORN.

Jay Leno also sees the humour. Although not as good as the Jon Stewart video it is still well worth watching.

Update: lots more at the New York Post and even the Washington Post. However it appears that Obama has f-all idea what's going on.

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