Thursday, 10 September 2009

Liking Cameron More

I really respect politicians who will talk like real people, not like media-friendly quote-generating machines. In last year’s US election I was hoping Fred Thompson could gain the candidacy, and it is one reason Daniel Hannan and Boris Johnson are so impressive (I see no need to talk like real, uneducated people).

That is of course one thing that annoys me about David Cameron. I can see why he is timid with the media. They have misrepresented the Conservative Party for so long, and spread so much socialist propaganda that it is very hard to persuade people that racists are not necessarily right-wing for example. Cameron does have to be careful what he says, as do all his senior people, as the Guardian and the BBC will wilfully distort his words, and the new media do not yet have the reach to correct them.

However I think he has generally been too careful. Most critically this means he has failed at times to argue the case for capitalism and small government. On top of this it has made him seem far more bland than I think he really is.

I think that is why Guido Fawkes's quote of the day pleased me, and made me think better of Cameron.

“…in the restaurants on the parliamentary estate you can treat yourself to a ‘lean salad of lemon and lime-marinated roasted tofu with baby spinach and rocket, home-roasted plum tomatoes and grilled ficelle crouton’ for just £1.70. That’s all thanks to you: taxpayers’ cash subsidising a politician’s food and drink. Well I suppose LibDems have to have something to eat…”

Now that is the sort of thing real people say about rivals.

A relevant point is made with banter, apt and witty without being nasty. Suddenly Cameron the toff seems more human and more ‘of the people’ than any Labour postman or ship’s steward.

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