Friday, 16 October 2009

Arrogance of Authority

A great case of someone who let his own arrogance overcome any doubts he might have had. A Justice of the Peace in Louisiana has decided not to sign a marriage license because the couple are of mixed race.

Now I happen to accept his claim that he is not racist, and that he simply believes the marriage is less likely to last. This does not necessarily show racism. What it does show is that he thinks his views are more important than this couple’s decision about their own life, and that he thinks that statistical norms should determine an individual case.

Another time where someone should have more doubts.

Hat tip Instapundit.

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Andrew Gatward said...

As nobody else wants anything to do with us anymore, how about we talk amongst ourself?

Doubting Richard said...

Hahaha, pleased to meet you, Mr Gatward, having been accused of being you.

Assuming, that is, you are you.

National Pride said...

Its me for sure....who has accusd you of being me and do you know me,

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