Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nobel Prize Explained

So it appears it was not just the politics of the left but the venality and vanity of the left. It seems that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize to allow Thorbjørn Jagland to meet the world press. Jagland (who I must admit has a great name – sounds like the bastard child of a Norse god and a member of Abba) is the chairman of the committee, and a left-wing politician. He is also general secretary of the Council of Europe.

His own words seem to indicate that he chose Obama for publicity, in order that he would gain reflected glory. Read the final page of the article if nothing else. However the whole thing is worth reading for the political context, and commentary on Jagland’s use of the Prize for his own gain and for politics, but also a sense of his cluelessness that he might have done anything wrong.

Oh, and a great new example of the racism in left-wing politics. “Bongo from Kongo”?

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loathingnewlabour said...

Interesting post Richard...Or should I say Mr Gatward.

Oh... My... this blog circulating at a speed of knots and Internet wide, that your not exactly who you say you are.

No real thoughts myself on the matter at this present juncture, but no doubt the truth will out eventually.

Doubting Richard said...

Man, I didn't even know 'Gatward' was a name. For information my name is Richard, and since I was unemployed when I started this blog I did write it completely openly under my full name. Since I am now only semi-unemployed, and if I did get a stalker for anything controversial I write who might affect others I have dropped my surname (although it would not be that hard to find).

As for rumours, feel free to spread as widely as you wish. I have not been giving much attention recently to the blog due to the work, so my traffic has stopped increasing and has been ratehr pathetic of late. No signs here of rumours driving the curious my way yet!

loathingnewlabour said...

Why the hell would I bother to spread rumours? I don't know you from Adam and so was just curious to find out for myself who Doubting Richard or Andrew Gatward was for myself.
This will either be the making of this blog, or destroy it completely. Time will tell.

Socialist Comrade said...

Am I missing something?

loathingnewlabour said...

Socialist Comrade??????

Socialist Comrade said...

Oh, I see, "loathingnewlabour", shit-stirrer with nothing but rumours to back it up. I wouldn't stand for this right wing rubbish, and why should you have to defend yourself to him.

Socialist Comrade said...

Is there something wrong with Socialist Comrade?
Better than loathingnewlabour, don't you think.

loathingnewlabour said...

Socialist Comrade you write in a similar style to Tom Miller....Ah!!!!

Doubting Richard said...


I am now seriously confused.

Either this is a flu-induced delusion (although I think I only have a cold) or someone thinks I am called Andrew Gatward. Someone also believes it will be the making or the breaking of this minute blog (I am not sure how Mr Gatward can "destroy" it, but I wait in curiosity to see).

Welcome both. You have confused me, but also entertained.

Doubting Richard said...

Oh, and who the f is Tom Miller?

Doubting Richard said...

It gets even more bizarre. It appears that Andrew Gatward is some member of the BNP. Yes, the authoritarian, socialist, racist group. So here am I a libertarian, basically opposed to every part of that and clearly so if you actually read my posts I am about as far politically from the BNP as it is possible to get. I am a libertarian free-market capitalist who has repeatedly criticised racism (there is a little link 'racism' in my label list).

One might suspect that Socialist Comrade is far closer to Mr Gatward politically, as I cannot comment on his racial views but his name suggests the authoritarian left, albeit perhaps internationalist (i.e. communist) rather than the nationalist socialism of the BNP. Of course I would not presume to tell the Comrade his views, perhaps he can give further information on his political beliefs.

loathingnewlabour said...

Tom Miller is a twenty three Year old New Labour F*** wit, who is currently attempting to get Working For Woking
Id love to show you his blog, as he's just to the left of Josef Stalin, but he deleted that, when he was made a New Labour parliamentary candidate.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gatwardis NOT a member of the BNP, he works on a number of anti fascist projects, mainly aimed at the destruction of the BNP...He has been discredited by the BNP because he infiltrated them and exposed their racist white supremcist policies. Neither is he a communist, patriot maybe, but certainly no supporter of Griffin's Neo nazi party

Andrew Gatward said...

I am neither Communist or BNP Fascist, but it seems some blogs are extrely confused as to who you actually are. this is quite understandable because with their brain capacity of a slug, most BNP members are easilt confused.
They are convinced I am you, or you are me, so why not let them get on with their sad little world's, because while they are concentrating on us, they are leaving others alone...what ever you say to them will make no difference, they are narrow minded self opinionated bigots, and once they have a spark in their brain, and that's not too often, it stays there. They all consider them selves to be decendants of Sherlock holmes, when in fact they could not find their way out of a fire exit, let alone produce literature that is acurate or true. I have seen much they have written about me, and most is based on deliberate information plants on BNP members. So snippets of info that appear on their blogs have identified many BNP informers(the simplest trick in the book Richard. Give one Person a single piece of false information, tell no one else, and see where that information could have only come from that one source!) and one Michael Brown who seems to think he is a photographer of sorts, and has supplied a picture of me to them. In fact brown is a double agent working for both the BNP and the extreme left.
I care little for either side, and wish they wuld depart to some desert island and blow the crap out of each other and leave the rest of Britain in peace. I am sorry they are convinced your me, but that just shows the level of their neo nazi mentality...forget them richard and just carry on with your life, don't get dragged down into their sad sorry pathetic little worlds.

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