Monday, 5 October 2009

On The Subject of Education …

This is the response of parents in LA to poor schools, on Reason TV. Demand choice, demand ‘charter schools’, self-administered state schools. These sound identical to official Conservative Party policy, the policy that convinced me I could support Cameron despite other reservations.

Note that the teachers’ unions just don’t get it. They simply do not understand why this is popular, why it has worked in other places, nor do they understand that the choice is not theirs to make. They have no legitimate say, apart from their say as parents if they have children in school. Their choice is where they are willing to work and on what terms after this decision has been made.

Notice also the disingenuous debate. One person, I can only assume in the teaching union, criticises the idea of freedom of choice because the term was used by segregationists. What possible relevance does that have, apart from dishonestly linking demands for freedom to oppression? Really sickening.

Update: I have just noticed that one of the signs held by a protesting teachers’ union member says “Our Schools No Privatization”. Well actually they are not your schools are they? They belong legally to the state, and morally to the mass of parents reliant on the schools. I am glad these are taking back control.

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The MaryHunter said...

Great video. Great observations. American education is rather a mess, isn't it? At least in some localities, the parents stand up to the teacher's unions.

Doubting Richard said...

Very similar here in the UK. Fortunately next year will we be rid of the corrupt socialists (I suspect that is a tautology) currently in office and the issue is to be addressed as these fine people have addressed it.

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