Sunday, 4 October 2009

Snide and Sickening In Their Bias

The BBC has again shown its true colours, and they are red.

Interviewing David Cameron they used a photograph on a screen in the background that has frequently been used to criticise Cameron and Boris Johnson, of them at university wearing white tie. The photograph has no relevance to Cameron’s leadership, and nor does his personal wealth which Andrew Marr asked him about. The photograph is snide and sneering, but the whole attitude is patronising to viewers and I can see no reason for it apart from partisan politics in which the BBC has no business engaging.


Hat tip to Tim Montgomerie.

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Not a sheep said...

Do the BBC have screen showing the cover of a copy of Gordon Brown's University masterpiece The Freeloaders Charter? If not, why not? Surely Gordon Brown's past as a propagandist for freeloading is even more relevant to his nature now than David Cameron's membership of The Bullingdon Club is to his world view.

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