Sunday, 19 June 2011

That was a Long Interruption

Two years ago I was unemployed. Long and unpleasant story that cannot be told truthfully without risk of a case for libel. Hence I had plenty of time to pontificate and pronounce on matters political.

I stopped blogging when I suddenly got work, and had little time for it. Since then I have married and become involved in my wife’s business, which has been hard work at times but interesting.

Now my life is now less insane, and the world more so. We have a Conservative-lead coalition sacrificing our economy to appease radical environmentalists (for no conceivable environmental benefit); the EU snatching ever more power and money, in denial about the imminent collapse of its currency and the damage done by the bailouts in the interim; Barack Obama worse than even his critics anticipated, "Hope" now being a hope that he is no worse than Jimmy Carter; the BBC, our state broadcaster, supporting everything that is wrong.

Thus I find myself wanting some outlet for a frustrated cry at the stupidity of the world, and the lack of voice for us, who are called libertarian, who just want to be able to live our lives without anyone else screwing it up claiming to help.

I might not blog frequently, but I hope to do so several times each week.

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